Cask & Larder: Whole Cookery, Family Style, Locally Sourced Brew Pub Make Reservations


May 30, 2012
By Manager in the All, Menu Development category.

Whole Cookery

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Whole Cookery is going to offer a great option for guests at Cask and Larder. Where else in town can you get a whole cooked animal delivered to your table? When O’Boys occupied the building, they put in a huge smoker. It can hold up to 300 pounds of meat at one time! We’re going to have a separate menu for the whole cookery where you can come in with a group and order a whole animal, fish or poultry. The chefs will create specific sides to go along with the animal but you can always add on extra sides from the main menu. Advance planning is a must for this one though as we’ll need 72 hours advance notice for whole animals and 24-48 hours advance notice for fish and poultry. Bring on the suckling pig!

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