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June 09, 2012
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We’ve Been Busy!

Things are moving as scheduled and every time I walk in to the building it looks so different! We dug up the floors to put in the new water lines & drains for the brewery and bar. We are having a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filter put in that will provide the restaurant, bar and brewery with quality filtered water. This is great for our beer, food & guests!

Putting the plumbing in for the Brewery & Bar.


We also had a “mock” sign put up for about 30 minutes so we could test the size and height. We determined that it needs to be just a touch bigger & a little higher. Our sign and logo were designed by Hatchet Designs and the sign itself is being fabricated by Designage and is due to arrive in 6 weeks.

The "mock" sign, the finished product will be in color .


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