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July 31, 2012
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We’re Getting Closer!


I have always said when I hear a new restaurant give an opening date to just add a month. In our case, our opening date is a reality because we’re ahead of schedule! The brewery is complete. The draft system has been crafted and will be installed when the mill workers have completed the bar. The draft system is made of large 6 inch fire sprinkler piping and is being crafted by Al Sneller’s machine shop, Victory Bicycles. It’s going to be powder coated a black/grey color and according to Ron it’s going to really stand out. Ron also likes the industrial functional feel of it and says its going to be a beast!

All of our beautiful mill work (wood work) is being done by Dream Cabinets. These guys move quickly and are very professional. In just a few days this place has definitely been transformed!

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