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May 25, 2012
By Manager in the All, Menu Development category.

Oh those Oysters!

The oyster bar frame is up and I’m so excited about the thought of being able to “belly up” to the bar and get fresh shucked oysters! The oysters will be from the East & West Coast – including our West Coast – and will be served raw or roasted in our hearth oven. Their idea for roasting in the hearth oven is very cool; first place wood chips on the bottom of the oven, layer them with a burlap sack and seaweed, then top with oysters to steam/roast. “In theory it should work, but obviously we haven’t tested it yet,” said James. The Chefs are developing recipes for bacon fat oyster crackers and fermented hot sauce to go along with the oysters and Dennis also plans on doing a lot of pickling and preserving as well.  Get excited friends, we’re going to have an oyster bar in Winter Park!


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