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July 10, 2012
By Manager in the All, Menu Development category.

Meet our Sous!


Jason Campbell is our night-time Sous Chef. Like so many of us at The Pig, Jason grew up in Orlando and is truly excited to see our city evolving. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2003 and worked with Urban Life Management (Hue, Citrus & Kres) before joining us over 4 years ago. Jason is a extremely talented chef and if you’ve had the Pork Porterhouse at The Pig, you’ve tried his “Campbell’s Gold” mustard gastrique – which I happen to think is the best sauce we’ve had with the porterhouse.

Whenever I talk to Jason, I always can sense his passion for cooking. He really wants to push the envelope for C & L by changing people’s perception of southern food. He’s developed a Sport Pepper mignonette for the oysters – I’ve tried it and what I love is that it’s very flavorful with a nice amount spice on the finish, it’s going to be amazing with the oysters. One dish that he told me he’s working on that sounds ridiculously good is Whole Roasted Redfish for two in a court-bouillon with blue crab and head on shrimp. He explained to me that this preparation showcases technique and this dish will have layers of flavor.

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