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August 21, 2012
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Meet our Pastry Chef de Cuisine!

Koralyss & Andrew Claytor. The finished product & the testers.

Koralyss Henderson has been with us for over 3 years. What I love about Koralyss’
story is that she actually started here during her externship from Orlando Culinary
Academy. She was so well liked that Julie offered her a job. Fast forward three years
later and Koralyss is now opening Cask & Larder as the head Pastry Chef. I asked her
what she loves most about working with Julie, James and the Ravenous Family and she
replied, “Julie is a great teacher and is very supportive. Our work environment is great
because there is a lot of respect from all of the team members.”
Koralyss and Julie have been working on the desserts and pastries for the opening but
they also have been perfecting the biscuit recipe. Yes, I said it, biscuits! Nothing like
the yummy Gruyere cheese biscuits that are so popular at The Pig, but true, Southern,
Lilly Flour biscuits. These biscuits aren’t just good for butter and jelly, but also country
ham. We have all tasted them (the favorite part of my job) and they are just like my
grandmother used to make.
Koralyss is a great example of how hard work, determination and passion are the keys
to success.

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