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Fresh From The Farm

Larder: a place where food is stored; pantry.
Our larder is filled with seasonal, local and southern ingredients fresh from the farm. Local ingredients are from within our state, Florida. Southern ingredients are from East of Texas and South of the Mason-Dixon Line. We’re proud to support these independent farms.

Country Hams from Broadbent’s in Kuttawa, Kentucky:

The Broadbent family has been curing country ham, bacon and sausage for 100 years out of Kentucky, winning numerous Grand Champion Awards since they started competing in 1967.

Country Hams from Newsom’s in Princeton, Kentucky:

Among the finest dry-cured hams in the world, Newsom’s authentic-aged Kentucky ham is a gourmet and country delicacy. Back in 2009, a two-year-old Newsom’s ham showed for continuing display in the Jamon Museum in Aracena, Spain as the only ham invited to be invited for participation in the revered 5th World Congress of Dry Cured Hams.

Country Hams from Father’s in Bremen, Kentucky:

Since 1962, Charles Gatton, Jr. has been curing the hams in the family tradition begun back in 1940. It’s a family art of sugar curing and hickory smoking hams then aging for 9-12 months. A rich aroma and robust flavor, these are the hams of choice for the “ham connoisseur.”


Organic Produce from Hammock Hollow in Hawthorne, Florida


Local Tomatoes from Waterkist Farms  in Sanford, Florida:

Waterkist Farm is a family owned and operated farm in using hydroponic growing methods. Their produce is clean and includes heirloom and beefsteak tomatoes as well as several different varieties of living lettuces, micogreens, peppers, Mediterranean cucumbers and herbs.

Sweet corn from Long & Scott in Mt. Dora, Florida:

Established in 1963, Long & Scott Farms began on 100 acres of land. Now, over 30  years later, Frank Scott expanded to 1,200 acres as they produce Zellwood Sweet Corn, pickling cucumbers and both red & green cabbage, along with a variety of other produce.

Baby sized produce from Satur Farms in Sebring, Florida:

Satur Farms grows specialty salads, leafy vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, root vegetables and herbs. Adhering to sound agricultural practices, they practice crop rotations, to help minimize disease occurrence and feeds the soil. By planting cover crops, with custom seed blends of clover, legumes, and grasses, binds nitrogen to enrich the soil and its microbiological activity. Organically- approved sprays are used whenever possible as their concern for the environment extends even to packaging materials, which are 100% recyclable when possible.

Quail from Broken Arrow Ranch in Texas:

Now in its second generation, this family-owned and operated business harvests only truly wild animals. Since 1983, Broken Arrow Ranch has partnered with ranchers in Central and South Texas as an integral part of their population management programs. This practice provides a humane life and harvest for the animals, maintains a sustainable animal population for the rancher, and produces wild game meats of legendary quality.

Grits & Grains from Anson Mills in South Carolina:

Anson Mills provides fresh native stone ground organic ingredients from new-crop heirloom grains and legumes. All ingredients are milled to order, chilled and vacuum packed immediately, then same-day shipped for maximum flavor retention.  You can find their fresh milled grits, flours, Carolina gold rice, wheat berries, oatmeal & Sea Island red peas on our menu at any given time.

Chocolate from Olive & Sinclair, Nashville, Tennessee:

Olive & Sinclair was founded in September of 2009, by owner and chocolate maker Scott Witherow. Hand-crafted by native Nashvillians in the heart of Music City, Olive & Sinclair is the paramount bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the South. Slow-roasted and stone ground in small batches, select single origin beans are combined with pure brown sugar for a smooth and robust flavor unique to Southern Artisan Chocolate. Utilizing a combination of traditional methods, fused with modern European technique and classic Southern flavors make Olive & Sinclair the NEW old-fashioned chocolate.

Honey from Dansk Honey in Orlando, Florida: