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October 09, 2014
By cask2 in the All category.

Florida’s best beer, art converge this weekend

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Great beer and great art have a lot in common. Both require creativity and craftsmanship, although viewing a Picasso seldom results in an appreciative burp.

Florida’s best beer and art harmonically converge this weekend with the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival and a special visit to Cask & Larder on Saturday, Oct. 11, by Mark DeNote, author of The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide.

After taking in Florida’s finest painters, sculptors and visual artists exhibiting on Park Avenue, hop on over to Cask & Larder to talk hops with one of the state’s foremost beer experts. Mark will be onsite from 3-6 p.m. signing copies of his “beer bible.”

During the event, all Cask & Larder house brewed beers will be available at happy hour prices for only $3 per pint. A special food, wine and cocktail menu will also be available.

What: Meet & Greet with Mark DeNote- author of The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide
Where: Cask & Larder – 565 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789
When: Saturday, Oct. 11 from 3-6pm
Cost: $3 house beers, special wine, cocktail and food menu, $20 autographed copies of
The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide