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July 31, 2012
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We’re Getting Closer!


I have always said when I hear a new restaurant give an opening date to just add a month. In our case, our opening date is a reality because we’re ahead of schedule! The brewery is complete. The draft system has been crafted and will be installed when the mill workers have completed the bar. The draft system is made of large 6 inch fire sprinkler piping and is being crafted by Al Sneller’s machine shop, Victory Bicycles. It’s going to be powder coated a black/grey color and according to Ron it’s going to really stand out. Ron also likes the industrial functional feel of it and says its going to be a beast!

All of our beautiful mill work (wood work) is being done by Dream Cabinets. These guys move quickly and are very professional. In just a few days this place has definitely been transformed!

July 28, 2012
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Larry just gave me the rough draft of our cocktail menu and it pretty much rocks(and I haven’t even tried some of them yet)! He said that we’re going to be starting off with mostly classic southern cocktails with a emphasis on using craft liquors from within the United States. A lot of the southern cocktails seem to have been created in New Orleans during prohibition like the Vieux CarrĂ©, Brandy Crusta and Ramos Gin Fizz. He also has the Seelbach Cocktail from Kentucky and Alaska Cocktail from South Carolina on the menu as well. He has, however, come up his own creations like the Gin & Jarred (this one is going to be awesome with the oysters!) and the C&L Front Porch Lemonade. The cocktail menu for brunch is in the works but I will update you more on that as it becomes more available.

July 18, 2012
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It’s All Happening!


Our brewery equipment came in from California yesterday and it’s so shiny and beautiful! I was on vacation with my family and hadn’t been into C&L for two weeks and when I walked in today I got chills! Walls are finished, tiling is laid for the entrance & oyster bar and the brewery looks fantastic. Even though it isn’t finished, this restaurant already has a soul, you can feel it!

James, Dennis, Ron and Larry spent the whole day yesterday with Todd from Premier Stainless unloading all the equipment (note of caution: stainless steel does reflect sunlight! James got a little burnt!) and today they were back to work getting all the parts connected.

Monday, Al from Premier Stainless -who also brews beer- will be coming in. Al, Ron & Todd will run a test brew with water to make sure everything is working properly and we should be brewing our first beers on Tuesday or Wednesday.


The best part of all of this, we are ahead of schedule!!! We will have plenty of time to get in the kitchen, train the staff & brew the beer before our Grand Opening just a few days after Labor Day. Get excited, because as I said in the headline, “It’s all happening!”

July 10, 2012
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Meet our Sous!


Jason Campbell is our night-time Sous Chef. Like so many of us at The Pig, Jason grew up in Orlando and is truly excited to see our city evolving. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2003 and worked with Urban Life Management (Hue, Citrus & Kres) before joining us over 4 years ago. Jason is a extremely talented chef and if you’ve had the Pork Porterhouse at The Pig, you’ve tried his “Campbell’s Gold” mustard gastrique – which I happen to think is the best sauce we’ve had with the porterhouse.

Whenever I talk to Jason, I always can sense his passion for cooking. He really wants to push the envelope for C & L by changing people’s perception of southern food. He’s developed a Sport Pepper mignonette for the oysters – I’ve tried it and what I love is that it’s very flavorful with a nice amount spice on the finish, it’s going to be amazing with the oysters. One dish that he told me he’s working on that sounds ridiculously good is Whole Roasted Redfish for two in a court-bouillon with blue crab and head on shrimp. He explained to me that this preparation showcases technique and this dish will have layers of flavor.